Authentic German Rastal Teku Beer Glass

Authentic German Rastal Teku Beer Glass

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Designed by Teo Musso. Tested by Kuaska.

The First, Original, Recommended Glass for Beer Tasting. 

The Teku glass is built with outward curvature and a remarkably thin lip for a full sensory drinking experience and easy sipping. Someone who has never used a snifter beer glass will truly notice the difference the first time they use it. The Teku is the ideal craft beer glass for virtually any style, including fruited sours, Sour IPAs, stouts, and Hazy IPAs.

The unique design of the Rastal Teku 414 mL beer glass offers an elevated sensory experience when enjoying a wide variety of beers and beverages alike. Manufactured by renowned German glassmaker Rastal, this goblet is explicitly designed to capture and release the enticing aromas of your best craft-made beer.

The bowl of this glass is angled perfectly to release the aromatics for the nose and palate, allowing for an elevated drinking experience. While the stem of this glass makes for a striking presentation, it also keeps body temperature from warming your beer prematurely. Designed to maintain proper head retention, this glass is sure to receive praise from patrons, home brewers, and beer connoisseurs. This Teku glass, with a 14.5 ounce brimful capacity, is the perfect glass to make all styles of craft beer stand out.


  • Capacity 414 mL
  • Mouth Diameter 63 mm
  • Glass Diameter 76m m
  • Height 208 mm
  • Weight 560 g
  • Beer Style Assorted
  • Colour Clear w/ Altitude Branded
  • Origin Germany