Garston vs. Nelson Hop 440ml

Garston vs. Nelson Hop 440ml

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Welcome to a world-first exploration of hop terroir.

'Terroir' is the term used to describe the interplay of factors such as soil, climate and aspect that give the plant its unique phenotype. While a little scientific speak can be terrifying - terroir shouldn't be.

This release presents two distinct growing regions, three hop varieties, three beer styles, making six unique beers.

This series of beers is designed to explore single variety hop terroir from two growing locations in NZ, allowing you to fully evaluate the regional differences in flavour and aroma from our big-name hops. This is truly an adventure in beer!

For this project, we are highlighting two different hop farmers both at the top of their game. 

By selecting hops that were grown by Garston Hops and Freestyle Hops we are getting the best that their individual regions have to offer for each selected variety.

What differences can you pick up on?

Explore the differences, consider the nuances, sniff long, drink deeply and embrace the adventure as you drink these somewhat educational beverages.
Contained in your world-first exploration of hops are the following 440mL.
(1ea in the 6pk and 2ea in the 12pk)

Rakau Hops
  • West Coast Pilsner with Garston Rakau Hops (5.6%): Stone fruit and sweet apricot. 
  • West Coast Pilsner with Freestyle Rakau Hops (5.6%): Red plum and nectarine.
Cascade Hops
  • NZ IPA with Garston Cascade Hops (5.6%): Bright lime citrus, slight pine backbone.
  • NZ IPA with Freestyle Cascade Hops (5.6%): Grapefruit citrus with subtle pine undertone.
Nelson Sauvin Hops
  • Hazy IPA with Garston Nelson Sauvin Hops (5.4%): Passionfruit and gooseberry, lightly grassy. 
  • Hazy IPA with Freestyle Nelson Sauvin Hops (5.4%): Passionfruit and guava, slight dankness.